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Learn about our #upcycling process

Our closed loop upcycling process takes place in Taiwan, a small island (about a third the size of New York) with one of the world’s most efficient recycling systems and a leading recycling rate of 55% (as opposed to 35% in the US).

Taiwan used to be referred to as Garbage Island before its people demanded change and nationwide reforms transitioned the little island of waste to a global leader in recycling.

Taking out the trash is a community affair in Taiwan. Five days a week at designated times, the garbage truck (followed by the recycling truck) drives by playing Fur Elise (we’re serious) and nearby residents gather downstairs to throw out their trash and sort their recycling. Here is where strangers become friends and neighbors become family as people stay and chat even after the trucks have passed by.

The plastic PET bottles are processed at the recycling facility, where they are sorted, washed, sanitized and then broken down into pellets. The pellets from clear plastic bottles are then melted down and spun into very fine thread, while pellets from colored plastic bottles are shipped elsewhere for other upcycling purposes. The thread from the clear plastic bottles is eventually woven into eco-friendly fabric that not only is good for the environment, but also includes advanced wicking technologies and anti-microbial (odor) control.