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Great activewear that you’ll want to wear all day should fit snug on your body, but not tight or constricting. It should empower you and define your womanly curves and shapes. Our specially designed padding gives your girls just enough lift while still keeping them securely in place. Powerful and feminine, slay all day.



VIASWEAT is designed by active girls just like yourself. We’ve recognized certain needs when it comes to activewear and addressed them in our designs. For example, to combat the sweatiest, stickiest workout sessions, we’ve developed the viaSWEAT DYNAMIC Classic – a breathable, sweat-wicking fabric used in the majority of our pieces, as well as functional details like zippers and bra clip enclosures for easy on and especially off.



When staying active is a lifestyle choice, you’ll need activewear that you can wear effortlessly all day as you move from work to studio to street. Our stylish designs and chic accents like back cutouts, mesh trim and charm details transform each piece into a fashion statement and wardrobe staple.



because we all have the
same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce

VIASWEAT is designed at the crossroad of fashion and function. It is lifestyle attire that can be worn outside of the gym or studio. It is a statement that you care about yourself and your body. It is a sense of empowerment when wearing activewear can transform you to be stronger and stand taller.

Our active girls aren’t all accomplished yogi or record-holding runners or professional athletes. On the contrary, they’re the ones going to spin class after work before grabbing a quick bite and taking the train home. They’re the moms squeezing in a yoga session after dropping the kids off at school and before running all her errands. We’re creating everyday activewear for the everyday you.

When your schedule is jam-packed, you need activewear that moves with you as you move through your day: comfortable, stylish activewear. When staying active is your lifestyle, it’s happening all day.

Making smart choices with what you eat, choosing to hit the gym even though you’d rather not, taking the stairs over the elevator, walking rather than hailing a cab—it’s not always easy but we’re proud of you and you should be proud of yourself. Nothing worth having comes easy and no goal was ever met without a little sweat, but every resolution brings you closer to a better version of yourself. So keep up what you’re doing. You’re well on your way.



Designing great activewear is at the heart of what we do. Choosing the right materials and fabrics is the basic of our work.




Our nylon based technical fabric used in the majority of our activewear pieces. Its slightly thicker fabric composition offers ultimate support, flattering fit and a great 4-way stretch.


Nylon based technical fabric with advanced SUPPLEX® fiber used mainly in our pants and bottoms with excellent 4-way stretch and recovery.

viaSWEAT DYNAMIC Classic Mesh

Lightweight, hi-power mesh panel designed to keep you cool and dry with breathable technology to release trapped moisture.


All our fabrics are treated with moisture management (quick dry), breathable, and odor restistant (anti-microbial) technology