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We believe in wellness and women.

We design pieces that empower women to look and feel their best. Pieces that work in the gym, hold up in the streets and play well with the rest of your wardrobe--for effortless, make ‘em do a double take, dressed with confidence #ootds.

Self-confidence is a superpower.

Confident women feel empowered. Empowered women change the world. We are inspired by women who want more, the ones that shatter glass ceilings, women who blaze their own trails--fierce, strong and full of fire, women who go the extra mile, persevere, and become the best version of themselves.

We also believe in sustainability.

Sustainability to us means:

Quality long-lasting pieces with perfect hug-your-body fit, comfort and design that you’ll want to wear over and over and over...again. Learn more.

Transparency in our pricing model because we’re all in this together. Learn more.

Choosing eco fabrics and manufacturing processes because we have a responsibility towards our workers, communities, environment and to you. Learn more about our fabrics. Learn about our manufacturing processes.


Tailored fit

VIASWEAT is designed by women with bodies just like you. How? We pore over every piece of customer feedback that we’re able to collect, which we use towards making our product better and more tailored with each subsequent launch.  Every detail in the cut and fit of each piece is considered to keep in what shouldn’t be out and accentuate the parts we want to show off. We believe wearing VIASWEAT should make you feel powerful, confident and ready to take on the world.

Easy on, easier off

When you’ve already given your all, taking off a sweaty and sticky sports bra should not be part of your workout. Full front zips and back bra clasps ensure getting out of your sports bra will be just as effortless as it was getting into your sports bra.

Removable, lift-up padding

Let’s face it, how our girls look and feel plays a big role in our self-confidence. We spent a good chunk of time developing just the right lift-up padding for that subtle, natural look, while also taking care that everyone stays in place. For bustier women, all our bras come with removable padding so feel free to nix it. For our petite women, feel free to add an extra pair.



I started VIASWEAT because I believed confident women are beautiful women. I envisioned a world of confident, beautiful, empowered women looking, feeling and doing their best (Beyonce may or may not have been my hype music). So, I set out to create the perfect activewear--bras that never let you down (pun so intended), leggings you throw in the laundry only when you’re sure you’re doing the laundry because you might need them anytime, and looks that beg for effortless #ootd posts.

The flattering cuts, great support and fit, and quality choice of fabrics, are the results of our obsessive and continuous efforts to create pieces that you want to wear over and over again. These pieces had to do more than just perform at the gym or studio, it had to perform all day and it had to play well with the rest of my wardrobe (who has time to change?) I imagined creating pieces for modern women who were doing it all--everything they want to do, making it all possible, defining their own lives.

Whether you’re scaling mountains or moving mountains, this one’s for you.